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The Observer's Sky Atlas : With 50 Star Charts Covering the Entire Sky

Peterson First Guide to Astronomy

Stars : A Guide to the Constellations, Sun, Moon, Planets and Other Features of the Heavens

Star-Hopping : Your Visa to Viewing the Universe

Norton's Star Atlas and Reference Handbook (Epoch 2000.0) (19th Ed)

Constellation Guidebook

The Starlore Handbook : An Essential Guide to the Night Sky

100 Billion Suns : The Birth, Life, and Death of the Stars (The Princeton Science Library)

Hubble : A New Window to the Universe

Small Astronomical Observatories: Amateur and Professional Designs and Constructions

A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets

Star Maps for Beginners

High Resolution Astrophotography (Practical Astronomy Handbook, 7)

Reflecting Telescope Optics I : Basic Design Theory and Its Historical Development (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library)

Peterson First Guide to the Solar System (Peterson First Guides)

The Hubble Wars : Astrophysics Meets Astropolitics in the Two-Billion-Dollar Struggle over the Hubble Space Telescope

The Universe and Beyond (Third Edition)

The Cambridge Guide to Stars and Planets

Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs (Practical Astronomy)

Summer Stargazing : A Practical Guide for Recreational Astronomers

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