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Weed Control Manual 2000 (Weed Control Manual, 2000)

Diagnostic Techniques for Improving Crop Production

Plant Pathogens & World Wide Movement (Symposium Series (American Phytopathological Society).)

Hypersensitive Reaction in Plants to Pathogens

Methods for Research on Soilborne Phytopathogenic Fungi

Compendium of Tobacco Diseases (Compendium of Plant Disease Series)

Detection of Bacteria in Seed and Other Planting Material

Phytophthora : Its Biology, Taxonomy, Ecology, and Pathology

Hemp Diseases and Pests : Management With an Emphasis on Biological Control

Genetic and Environmental Manipulation of Horticultural Crops

Principles of Horticulture

Solute Movement in the Rhizosphere (Topics in Sustainable Agronomy)

Application of Botany in Horticulture

The Organic Pages

Turfgrass Diseases/Single User : Diagnosis and Management

A Revision of the Genus Hypoxylon (Mycologia Memoir)

Host Wall Alterations by Parasitic Fungi

Ceratocystis and Ophiostoma : Taxonomy, Ecology, and Pathogenicity

Lignicolous Corticioid Fungi (Basidiomycota of North America : Systematics, Distribution, and Ecology)

Food Crop Pests and the Environment : The Need and Potential for Integrated Pest Management

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