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:-)   Happy / Laughing ;-)   Winky  :-D  Big smile 
:-))  Very happy  B-)   Evil grin  :-)   Evil grin 
:-O Yelling/Shocked  [:-) Is Wearing A Walkman  :-^)   Tongue in cheek 
:-P Sticking Out Tongue  :-)8   Happy wearing a bow tie  8-)    Happy with glasses 
%-)  Drunk  :*) Drunk/Clown  :-0    Shocked 
:-|     Indecision  :'-(   Crying  :,( Crying 
0:-)   Saint  :'-( Crying  :~(~~ Crying 
:-(   Sad  :-{   Sad  :-(   Sadder 
:-&   Tongue tied  :-###.. Being sick  8:] Gorilla 
R-) Broken Glasses  B:-) Wears Sun Glasses On Head  8-) Wears Glasses 
:-X    I'm not telling (my lips are sealed)  :-T Keeping A Straight Face/Tight Lipped  :-| Disgusted/ Grim/No Expression 
}:-)   Develish  :-Q A Smoker  :-! A Smoker 
%-\ Has A Hangover  :-y Said With A Smile  :-X A Kiss/Lips Are Sealed 
(:-D Has A Big Mouth  (:+) Has A Big Nose  :-{) Has A Moustache 
:-)~   Drooling  :-r    Tongue out  |-o Bored 
:-o   Shouting  :-/    Skeptical  :=) Two Noses 
=:-)  Punk rocker  C=:-)  Chef  :-  Leering 
:-@ Screaming/ Swearing/ Very Angry/ About To Be Sick  :-# Been Smacked In The Mouth/Wears A Brace/Kiss  :~-( Crying/Shed A Tear 
(:-) Bald  :-))) Is Very Fat  :-{} Wears Lipstick 
:-* Just Ate Something Sour/ Bitter Taste/Kiss  :-$ Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is  $-)  Yuppie/Just Won A Large Sum Of Money 

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AF AIK - "As Far As I Know" 
AFK - "Away From Keyboard" 
AKA - "Also Known As" 
ASAP - "As Soon As Possible" 
BBIAF - "Be Back In A Few" 
BBL - "Be Back Later" 
BCNU - "Be seeing you" 
BOL - "Bursts Out Laughing" 
BTW - "By The Way" 
BRB - "Be Right Back" 
B4 - "Before" 
CUL8R - "See You Later" 
DL or D/L - "Download" 
FAQ - "Frequently Asked Questions" 
FATT - "Funny At The Time" 
FHS - "Friendly HandShake" 
FYA - "For Your Amusement" 
FYI - "For Your Information" 
FWIW - "For What It's Worth" 
F2F - "Face To Face" 
4U2 - "For You Too" 
GMTA"Great Minds Think Alike" 
GRMBL - "Grumble" 
HHOJ - "Ha Ha Only Joking" 
HP - "Home Page" 
IC - "I.C., I see" 
IDK - "I Don't Know"
IMHO - "In My Humble Opinion" 
IMO - "In My Opinion" 
IOW - "In Other Words" 
IRL   - "In Real Life" 
ISP - "Internet Service Provider" 
IYKWIM - "If You Know What I Mean" 
IYKWIMAITYD - "If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do" 
JAM - "Just A Minute" 
JK or J/K - "Just Kidding" 
K - "OK, okay" 
L8R - "Later, see you later" 
LD - "Long Distance" 
LKOM - "Light Kiss On Mouth" 
LMAO - "Laughing My Ass Off" 
LOL - "Laughing Out Loud" 
LTNS - "Long Time No See" 
MIN - "Just a minute" 
MORF - "Male or Female?" 
NHOH - "Never Heard Of Him/Her" 
NP - "No Problem" 
NRN - "No Reply Necessary" 
OIC - "Oh, I See" 
OK - abbreviation of "oll korrect", alteration of "all correct" 
OTOH - "On The Other Hand" 
OTT - "Over The Top" 
PKOL - "Passionate Kiss On Lips" 
PMFJI - "Pardon Me For Jumping In" 
PMJI - "Pardon My Jumping In" (another polite way to get into a running discussion) 
PPL - "People" 
PS - "Post Script" 
RE - "Returned" 
ROTFL - "Rolling On The Floor Laughing" 
RL - "Real Life" 
SPAM - "Stupid Persons' AdvertiseMent" 
SWALK - "Sealed With A Loving Kiss" 
THX - "Thanks" 
TNX 1.0E6 - "Thanks a million" 
TIA - "Thanks In Advance" 
TPTB - "The Powers That Be" 
TTFN - "Ta Ta For Now" 
TTYL - "Talk To You Later" 
UOK? - "Are you okay?" 
WB - "Welcome Back" 
WOMBAT - "Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time" 
WRT - "With Respect/Regards To" 
WYSIWYG - "What You See Is What You Get" 
YWIA - "You're Welcome In Advance" 
TTFN - "ta ta for now"

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